Friday, July 18, 2014

The Final Chapter...

Assalamualaikum and good day to my fellow readers. As the title above, this blog will be close and all my write up about cars will be published to my original blog, , and yes, the blog is in Malay and a bit English.

Why? Because I can't manage my time for blogging, and even my original blog is dusty enough.

I've enjoyed writing about cars and InsyaAllah, will continue writing about it in my blog.

Thank you for being my supporter for all this years...

Thank you...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Test-drive Proton Suprima S.

This is the newly launch Proton Suprima S. And lucky for me, one of my cousin bought one and I was given a chance to drove the car for a spin.
I know, when talking about Proton, most of us will say, "The car is rubbish," or "Might consider other car than these Hero Kampung". As for me, Proton been trying to stay competative in their homeland, but yes, I do agree when people said "They should enhance their quality, not quantity,"
Ok. Back to the car. My cousin bought the Premium version of Suprima, completed with a 4G Wifi, front parking sensor (yeah, i know some of us misunderstand it when watching the commercial), 6 airbags, a 17inch sport rims, turbo-charged engine and there's a lot more.
First, the exterior. From the front-end of the car until the rear door, the changes is minimal. Welcome is the new honey-comb grille to give Suprima S a sporty look. Also new is the daytime driving lights. Yeah they look identical to the Preve, but for Preve, the LED is consider as the car "small light" and only light up when you turn the light switch.
As for the rims, the Suprima S gets larger wheel. A diamond cut 17-inchers compared to the Preve 16-inchers rims.
Moving on to the rear-end, the Suprima S received the all-new light cluster and using LED light guides over the Preve's individually crusted diodes. But personally, myself prefer the Preve light cluster. Yeah, kind a Audi-look.
So, is there anymore changes? Yeah! Proton's also repositioning of the Preve's two rear foglamps into one unit. As for the interior, the changes are limited to detail trim updates. Silver cubic-print dash trim replacing the Preve's classier faux-wood panels. The seats also are now wrapped in leather.
Another changes in the interior is the new seven-inch Android-based touchscreen multimedia unit. That's all for the changes. And now, for the test-drive.
Since my cousin's Suprima S is new, so the driving method must be gentle. I love the sharp handling, eventhou the rear suspension is not stiff enough to make the car stable in corners, but hey, this is a family car, not a BTCC or racing car, right? But one thing for sure, the steering is a bit heavy, maybe because of the 17 inchers.
As for the performance, well, most of us not satisfied with the power output. For me, Proton already in the right path in terms of engine. Maybe a bit tweak and the people will love it. I can feel the 205Nm of torque when the tacometer reach 2000rpm, and for those who never drive a turbocharged car before, please be carefull. Yeah, 205Nm is not much,but better be prepared, right?
The seats is comfy enough for a Proton. As for me, the Suprima S seat is better than the Gen2 or Persona seats. Well, it depends to your taste as well. I guess that's all for the Proton Suprima S. As I said earlier, Proton should focus on the quality, not quantity.
Me, myself as a automotive fan, will always support Proton.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Legendary Volvo...


One of my favourite car of all time...
The Volvo 850R BTCC...
In fact i just bought the model kit...
Been hunting for this thing about more than 5 years...

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Legendary Toyota 2000GT.

This my friend, is the legendary Toyota 2000GT. Perhaps this is the grandmaster of Toyota Supra, and also Lexus LFA. The 2000GT is a limited production, front engine, rear wheel drive, 2 seats sports car.

The 2000GT is a collaboration between Toyota and Yamaha between 1967 and 1970. The engine was a 2.0 litre straight 6 based from the Toyota Crown sedan. Yamaha, with their speciallity, transformed the single cam engine to a double overhead camshaft, and the result is a stunning 150hp sports car engine. For that kind of performance, in that year, is quite amazing. It doesn't end there, the engine is also equip with 3 two-barrel Solex 40 PHH units. The result? A 220kmh sports car was born.

And now, it's been 30 years plus and the value of the 2000GT is increasing. Latest auction, the 2000GT was bid and sold around 1.2 million US dollar.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Volvo Advert....

See guys, I'm a car lover. And yes, sometimes I love to google around for their advertisment. And for today, this is what I found...

I must admit, this is one advert that really make me smiling. Hahahaha...